Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I own these babies.

Good grief, I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately. I've not been able to find anything to talk about. But whilst I'm searching the high street and internet for things that catch my eye, I've decided I'll show you guys what I've got in my wardrobe instead. Let's start with shoes. That's always a good place to begin. Let's see... Aha! My latest footwear purchase! Bought from Tesco for £18, these sweet surfer-esque floral print wedges got a double-take from me as I was walking past the aisle. Literally.

In order to avert from an orangle glare or a horrible flash, I had to use Instagram. The insoles aren't cork by the way, just textured soft plastic on a cushion. But they feel and look beautiful. Will post a photo of an outfit when I find something that goes with them that isn't black jeans.

A couple of other pairs, both of which are Irregular Choice creations. First up are part of the Abigails Party (hey - it's my name!) range. You won't be able to find this exact design anywhere other than second-hand areas seeing as they've been taken off of production (bought as a birthday present in 2009).

They do still have some cute variations though! These are a sort of chrysanthemum and rose print with black leather and black ribbon as shoelaces. Sidenote: if you do buy these, do not tug too hard on the ribbon - it will rip it!

Next it's another discontinued design (2009). Specifically remember these because we were going through the nu-rave/80s/neon trend - it returns two years later? - however, I cannot find the model name. Probably a stopped line altogether. No matter!

 Note the cute little purple sation bow on the heel. When I first saw it along with the multi-coloured plaid design I just HAD to have them. And then I saw they were half price at £32. Bargain! I've worn these little kitten-heeled beauties to death. You can see the scuff on the sole and the stress on the fabric in these pictures. They're still going strong though!
Irregular Choice make darling and daring designs that are fit to last. Definately worth the £50-£160 price tag (when you have the money of course). Oh, and they've started making men's footwear, clothing and accessories. You don't really need to go anywhere else!


Monday, 16 April 2012


So I've tried to start several fashion blogs, and I hated every single one. But now I'm set. Quirky clothes, accessories, make-up and other things!
I've always been one to take a trend and make it my own. Like back into 2009 when we had the 80s revival, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take an old cassette, stick a chain through the eyes, then add several odds and ends and wear it as a necklace... I might do it again (if I can find blank cassettes these days).

Anywho, I found this girl last year in a local magazine's ad pages, and I've remembered her. She creates fantastic bags that fit the toon trend we're experiencing at the moment. And there's one of her bags that I've always had my eyes on, seeing as the original Gene Wilder Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my childhood movie...

Cute, right? Lately she's also doing shopper bags and watches. I don't know about you guys, but I've bookmarked Helen Rochfort's website, and it'll be the first website I'll go to when I've got £65 to spare!